Davy Crockett Exhibit

The Davy Crockett Festival is an event that the Honey Grove Chamber of Commerce hosts annually on the last Saturday in September.  In an effort to increase awareness of the festival’s namesake, we are hosting our first ever Davy Crockett Exhibit.  All ages are encouraged to participate; however, there will be a contest for grades 3 through 5!

There will be three categories:  Essay, Informative Display, and 3D Display.  You may enter as many categories as you want.  Entries must be based upon Davy Crockett and his time in Texas.  Judges will be looking for accuracy, so be sure you do your research!  First, second, and third place ribbons will be awarded in all three categories, with a grand prize ribbon being awarded to the top entry.

Please return this form by mail or bring to the Chamber of Commerce booth with your entry, no later than 10am on Saturday, September 28, 2019 

Name:  ______________________________           Grade: __________________________

Parent/Guardian’s Name (if minor):  ____________________________________________

Email:  ______________________________           Telephone:  ______________________

Category you are entering:  (circle as many as apply)

Essay                           Informative Display                           3D Display

Rules for Contest:

  1. By entering, you agree to abide by all rules of the Honey Grove Chamber of Commerce Davy Crockett Festival Exhibit Entry Contest.
  2. All entries must be entered in the name of the individual competitor. Entries must be the handiwork of that individual.  Entries by anyone outside of grades 3-5 will not be judged for this contest.
  3. One entry per class. Incomplete entries or entries incorrectly classified will not be judged.  We reserve the right to refuse an entry into the exhibit.
  4. Where there is only one entry in a class, a blue ribbon, if merited, will be awarded. When articles are not worthy of first prize, judges will at their discretion, award a ribbon at such grade as the article deserves.
  5. The Chamber of Commerce assumes no responsibility in case of loss or damage to an entry for any cause. By submitting your entry, you permit Honey Grove Chamber of Commerce to utilize your child’s name, exhibit entry, and/or picture for print in social media and other news outlets.


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