Davy Crockett Vendor Form

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Saturday Oct. 10TH 2020 / 3PM – 8PM


Before signing up, please consider the following:

Food vendor booths will be $60.00 for a 10ft x 10ft area. All other booths that are not food-related will be $50.00. If you require additional space, you will be charged for an additional booth. Electricity provided to your booth will be an additional $10.00. 


-Load-in will begin no later than 2pm.
-All vehicles will be removed from the event area by 2:45pm.
-Booths must be open to the public by 3pm.
-Please be ready to move your vehicle as soon as possible to help eliminate traffic issues, we recommend arriving early.


Payments can be made online at the bottom of this page.
(Please note, you MUST at least fill out the vendor application form.)
(If you are not paying at this time, please include your means of payment in the details section of the form.)

***Payment must be cleared by October 1st, 2020***